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Photo taken by Karen English

Currently working as a medical technologist, I sew, quilt, bicycle, travel, and take pictures in my spare time. In 2006 I earned a certificate in photography from Columbus State Community College by taking one class a quarter and working full time.

In April 2013, while taking photos at Schnormeier Gardens in Gambier, Ohio, I learned from Ted Schnormeier about a project he was supervising in Mount Vernon which involved demolishing the old Pittsburg Plate Glass manufacturing plant and developing the grounds into a park, Ariel-Foundation Park. For more than two years I have documented the continual progress of that project. I assumed that it would last a few weeks. The drive to Mount Vernon was an hour each way.

The park photos were taken every season, almost every month for the past two plus years and at different times of the day and night. Images were captured in rain, snow, sun shine, and many cloudy overcast days. What I will not miss is the Mount Vernon “mud”, inside and outside the car (only temporarily getting the car stuck once), shoes, clothes, and tripod legs. After arriving at the park, the usual routine was to drive around the area to see what had changed or what the workers were doing. This would determine what area I would photograph first. Sometimes there were surprises; fire on the roof of what is now the Schnormeier Event Center, a house that had burned to the ground, a pair of Bald Eagles circling in the sky and landing in the tree right in front of me, the Osprey that put on a 30 – 40 minute show of circling the sky then diving in the lake to feed, being present for the instillation of the Bowstring bridge, and the first night the lights were turned on lighting the stairs around the stack. I was very thankful that the workers allowed me to photograph them, Custom Cutters allowed me to photograph the manufacturing process of the smokestack stairs and signs, and the wonderful people I have met. I hope you enjoy the photos.

If you have any questions you may contact me at: shurlowc751@gmail.com, (H)614-766-1370 or  (C) 614-620-5895

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